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tv   [untitled]    February 17, 2011 9:00am-9:30am EST

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by the country's ruling monarchy in the center of the capital manama the opposition reports that at least three were killed and one hundred injured and in egypt where the military has replaced the government at least temporarily strikes are gaining momentum artie's poor sleep looks at whether civilian rule is any closer to reality . mubarak's out the army's in and the question now who's next. to decide. which way the country is going to. sit out the same barrel it's nearly a week since he gyptian generals promised to lift a fifty year state of emergency but there's still no sign of when that will be the army knows his limitations when the decision was taken not to door open fire not to do any slap him with within their own people most of the ability to be the next the controllers in the controllers of egypt but they do want to be the controllers of the peace and therefore the army if it once can keep the
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state of emergency in place for as long as it says it's necessary but not everyone thinks its intentions are noble finian cunningham is a middle east expert in bahrain from way visual and internet communications have been cut by the authorities in egypt chin military. protesters went. to supposedly eventually the state of emergency got grilled in a country where nearly thirty years but the mobs of dodgy buying we chuckled assurances among right to be skeptical on each intentions of the military my mind see i'm as a photographer who couldn't wait to capture egypt's revolution on film but he was stopped at the border by gyptian soldiers. so just how different is egypt today under the generals from the egypt of yesterday under mubarak era. urgency all of the. central component of the government
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apparatus when i care about a thing or like or the present. in chess or board or. generals and for as long as a state of emergency remains in place the hopes that millions of egyptians to the streets remain up in the air but egypt's not the only country the middle east that lives in a state of emergency across its border here in israel depending on who you talk to this country to has its emergency doors on the margins even the small it is because we live in a bad neighborhood day you have here in israel were to move to see our elected politicians. as another state in the region. in part or somebody and it. becomes democratic. but israel routinely released war of aggression against neighbors and karen trained. generally these are his office that of emergency is living its usual life no one moved from from the center
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of the cells or from the north to the center but wherever it is there's no denying that a country in a state of emergency is a country where democracy is ignored and if in egypt the generals don't make clear signs to move towards democracy soon that many protesters might be wondering what exactly they were out on the streets for. r.t. tel aviv meantime the president of the arab our blog association so the protests across the region have been ignited by a hatred of too much western involvement in domestic policies. certainly the unifying factor is that all of them have had enough of. the governments. of the west that this goes against the will of the people in that region generally speaking the interest the national interest of the west contradictory to the
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national interest that we. have a problem with israel they have a problem with the americans they have a problem with capitalism and this is this is a unifying factor. that was the president of the arab boys association the sub speaking well coming away in just a few moments here on our t.v. from riches to rags wealthiest woman soap in the middle of a multi million dollar theft scandal we'll be getting all the details and live just a little bit later in the program. or u.s. congressman and the pentagon officials are debating how best to trim the country's thirty five trillion dollars debt president barack obama has already proposed cutting the massive defense budget by seventy eight billion over the next five years the pentagon is making sure the cut doesn't come at the expense of america's ability to wage war while nonessential programs are being slashed the proposed budget will actually see the pentagon spending grow this year and as
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a tease christine for reports ordinary americans are paying the price of living in a war mongering country. times are tough for many on main street but most in government agree before assisting people like this it's more important to assist people like this. perhaps this is one reason the u.s. military budget is more than fifty percent of the entire world and once again the top brass came to washington to defend defense it is my judgment that the department of defense needs an appropriation of at least five hundred forty billion dollars for fiscal year two thousand and eleven for the u.s. military to properly carry out its mission maintain readiness and prepare for the future defense secretary robert gates also discussed cuts he's made to the military budget on programs no longer needed what you may not know is that most of the seventy eight billion dollars he's cut would take place in twenty fourteen and twenty fifteen when there will be a new secretary of defense and possibly
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a new president still and this was his announcement last month that i'll describe how these reform efforts are followed through to completion will make it. civil to protect the u.s. military size reach and fighting strength despite a declining rate of growth and eventual flattening of the defense budget over the next five years as far as that flattening budget here's a look at current spending compared to previous war efforts and even after the cuts experts say in twenty fifteen the military budget will still be about one hundred billion dollars larger than in the bush years and about fifty billion more than the reagan years so what's going on here hunnam is richard wolfe says it's simple all the beneficiaries of government spending the companies that get subsidies the military producers who sell goods to the government the working people who get some benefits even if they're small all of them have mobilized to hold on to what they
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get to make it politically costly for any congress man or woman to go against them here's congressman buck mckeon chairman of the house armed services committee who has fought cuts tooth and nail there will be winners and losers in this process tough choices must be made but i will not support initiatives that will leave our military less capable and less ready to fight. in addition to the wars in iraq and afghanistan and the health and safety of men and women serving there are also other expenses more than eight hundred military bases in places like the marshall islands and a seven million dollars sponsorship by the army of no. usually pleas for money come close in the name of life or death drastic reductions in the size and strength of the us military make millet armed conflict all the more likely with an unacceptably high cost in american blood and treasure but the real treasure
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lies with those with the real power according to trends research institute director gerald solenn today it's as simple as they had writing on the wall it's called the military industrial. blacks is in charge of the nation and until that changes there will be an invisible cloak around the pentagon that will allow no one to touch its budget what you will see other things that are sacrifice the basic in-service. the roads they go on repair in people who are forced to live on the streets and a continuing decline in the health education and overall quality of life for most americans in washington christine for the now. we're coming to you live from moscow this is r.t. now cause of my is a marking of the third anniversary of his declaration of independence from serbia but the republic continues to suffer from huge economic and political chaos and the crisis has been further deepen by a recent critical report submitted by the council of europe it accuses some of
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course of those leading politicians including the current prime minister. of being involved in horrendous crimes during the one nine hundred ninety nine a war office a session among the allegations are executions abductions and organ trafficking on wednesday so we are called on the un security council to investigate the charges council of europe member an austrian m.p. johan hope says it wasn't in the interest of the e.u. and the us to investigate these claims of. the european look was that the serbian side the bad side the evil side. that we have to investigate the crimes of the evil side the evil side which was also the loser of the conflict in the end the military might of nato and the united states prevailed over loses and europe states where on the winning side it was in the interest of the winning side to find out a lot about crimes from the losing side from the side they stood up against after
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the. intervention and the de facto creation of an independent kosovo state under nato and protect. rate as we saw it in the last years before independence well the sings we're so father to return to the problems it was almost impossible because this would have resulted certainly not a round of war the permanent administration of course a war as a colony or as a protector it was not feasible as well so in the end there was no other way than granting independence which was to my feeling not right because it was against international rules against the law of the peoples as we know it meanwhile as the people in kosovo struggle limited economic turmoil their public is seeing money pour in from saudi arabia but some say the funds are breeding a hardline strain of radical islam in the region and as aussies reports many fear
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this will lead to the territory fostering terrorists. press time in cause of a's capital and the mosques overflowing ninety percent of the population here are muslim and known for their liberal interpretation of the faith but there are now growing concerns that a fundamentalist strain of is a hobby as is taking the most fundamental strain. on the mental strain from the harbors and so i think when you have this kind of ideology saying you have to literally follow the child from the koran. you can quite easily have a situation where for example terrorist acts can be justified hobby is i'm originally from saudi arabia and many mosques destroyed in the balkan conflicts are being rebuilt with saudi money in fact the saudi government has poured tens of billions of dollars into building mosques schools and charities worldwide charities that in
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kosovo helping support poor members of the community. not only have jobs sure that charity. and food which we need for i would children of the order but with nearly half the population employed and widespread poverty because of the could be becoming a fertile breeding ground for the influence of well financed. the impact of saudi financing in course of a now is clearly evident and the fear is that it's not just the money that's being bought in there will be ideology as well a lot of the saudi money is often this is this is tied up in ideology and i don't think saudi arabia massively keen on the west especially for. building a democratic structure which. as being right for the mosques is the place to be carefully monitored by the islamic community in course very to
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ensure that there adhering to moderate teachings. cannot be under labor control because really how to point b. and b. are some companies to really do appoint a month we control them however recently in most cases down after a petition to remove one harvey him and he was allegedly using money to win a for the pool it was hey if illegally built mosque in the hands of marina they him and was able to operate ten years now of there being closed down now locals are asking why it was left to them to take action because you could tell there was something not tried going on there were young children full body covered and she was taking the religious trips abroad so we found we had to do something about it. the moderate muslim community here has made it clear that hardline teachings will not be tolerated there are warning signs the fundamentalist islam to be sneaking in
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the back to the right into the hearts here. because they. now police have raided the offices of russia's richest woman yelena the wife of moscow's former mayor who was sacked by president last year for the latest now we can get some more details of course live to our correspondent you've got to. go to so what do we know. well officials are saying that these searchers are pored over the investigation looking into the embezzle meant of thirteen billion rubles which is over four hundred forty million u.s. dollars from the bank of moscow which is russia's fifth largest bank and they see that you're about to know the wife of moscow's former mir and her company in fact go. i'm sorry in her company in tech or directly connected to this case which actually started in december investigators believe that the investment was conducted to do a deal between the bank of moscow and several developing companies companies and
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they say. a that the money simply ended up on us personal bank account not what's also interesting is that investigators say that this transaction happened on the same day as the government allocated around fifteen billion rubles to the bank of moscow for other purposes and there's already speculation that this state money may have been used by by to do to cover up the debts over a company in tech oh there you go to this couple it's not exactly unfamiliar with. well absolutely for the many many years recent years both the union and you do scoff moscow's former mayor have been subject to controversy although the neither of them have been found guilty of any criminal activities illegal illegal activities there's a lot of speculation that you know who is the russia's richest woman and the only
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female billion year in the country she was able to gain this fortune with the help of her husband's resources as the mayor of moscow her company and also always got the most attractive deals in the city when it comes to its development and what's also interesting is that since i stopped being the mayor of moscow into also stopped getting all these good deals you go to any statements at this point forthcoming from the couple. and her lawyer so deny all the accusations saying that the investigators have absolutely no grounds for such claims even the martinez says that neither she or her company in teko were connected or involved in any criminal activities and said that these searchers and this case are pressure on her and her husband meanwhile the investigators say that they're ready to call up everybody in including e.t.l.
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about doing that for questioning if it isn't. all right r.t.c. group is going to thanks so much. well now let's get to some other international headlines now a series of blasts rocked a military base in tanzania killing at least thirty people it happened near the airport in the country's a larger city. the explosions had started in one arms depot before spreading to others in the camp four thousand people have fled the area and have gathered at the country's national sports stadium a similar accident at another tanzanian facility in two thousand and nine killed three people. tourists were among the twelve people killed when a boat sank in northeastern vietnam the vessel that went down before. it's believed there were twenty foreigners on board now nine people and six crew members have been rescued so far it is the deadliest since the country opened up to. twenty
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five years ago. equals the. stalemate is divided on language lines between the leaders of the six million speaking flemish. french speakers only one serious political protest is taking place today instead of. through the media there is yet to be verified. the internet daily news you can always check out our website that's dot com let's have a look at some of the items that are waiting for you right now it's a religious affair in rome as russian president dmitri. details on his meeting with the pope and how it could change the relationship between. having the. road. to the top.
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section for a preview of contemporary. play in the russian capital. and a little bit later in the hour we'll be discussing civil freedoms in russia with the u.n. high commissioner for human rights but first the business news from the trees here . thanks very much gas problem is joining the elephant oil field project in libya in an asset swap deal with italian energy company any the deal was sealed during
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russian president medvedev as it's only on wednesday the agenda of the visit included a number of other economic issues are these not only logical it is in rome with details. well first of all an agreement was signed on russia's involvement in developing the elephant oil field in libya russia's gas from will acquire thirty three percent stake in the project taking half of the shares from its value is any company in the south stream project was also discussed during president visit to rome the gas pipeline that's meant to deliver gas from russia to the south of year of course energy corp is crucial for russia and italy but also the two countries have agreed to invest jointly into major infrastructure and energy projects in the north of africa and members of the russian delegation have also said that they expect up just thirty italian companies to participate in russia's support of innovation center where we're discussing a number of projects with italian energy companies including eno's as well as
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machinery manufacturing firms i hope will reach agreements with both big companies that will become our anchor partners and with small research groups that are interested in who are parading with school. italy's russia second largest trade partner in the european union after germany and according to preliminary reports trade volumes have increased by nearly twelve percent since two thousand and nine reaching up to thirty six billion u.s. dollars last year. russia was meeting search engine has landed in the top fifty most innovative companies and twenty eleven placed higher than global i.t. giants like i.b.m. and microsoft fast company magazine which compiled a list of twenty six place in the list of the most innovative in the world this year this is the first time yandex was included on the list noted for its prowess and search systems bypassed amazon which took second place in the last year the top three spots were taken by apple twitter and facebook. the listing of the
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russian rail cargo operates a freight one may take place in london though the issue is still open to question as according to the president of russian railways this is the government to decide what will be the formula or. this company that is not so. sure you know the fifty years of the procedure will fly pure then possibly in one go but if it will be if it is the direct selling they had to build build rush. and second look at the markets now a new applications for jobless benefits in the us rise more than expected so we're in for a negative opening in the states therefore european stocks are also europe's biggest defense contractors be he says times is down four and a half percent after profits in this instance in russia there's also a change of mood for have to have the gains in the morning we're seeing stocks flat
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to negative with one more hour of trading left plus the blue chips are flat so as you can see the bank was gaining around two percent during the day it's now absolutely flat after news they could sell off its oil related assets worth one point two billion dollars as soon as this year what i'll carly is down almost one percent however after negative news on fertilizer pricing coming out of asia and news gold is losing its gains as the price of gold reaches thirteen hundred eighty one dollars but it's still dragged down by the market. world's seventh largest pharmaceutical company astra zeneca is set to invest over one hundred fifty million dollars into building a new plant in russia the construction to be located in the kaluga region is the start of this april plant will engage in full cycle production from the preparation of benson components to packaging and is expected to launch in twenty thirty. russia has almost quadrupled its export of diamonds during the first nine months
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last year bringing in almost two point two billion dollars in overall revenue in the same time the import of gemstones fell by more than two fold al rosser is russia's main diamond producer with ninety seven percent market share and accounts for twenty five percent of global production. and south african business delegation has arrived in moscow to boost trade and investment ties the ambassador of south africa told business r.t. the energy will be among the top areas for future cooperation with africa has brought a big need for energy. but we have very. interesting investments. for investments. because we are doing a number of. sources
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. in the area. and we have. involved. more business. business all that.
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stuff. back. will have a rally will sell lots of beer will. they will wear uniforms that will damage is in the black and them everything but very little damming the white. they are the key to our problems are all right.
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more news today. these are the images. from canada. china operations are today. from stupid. stunts
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on t.v. dot com. five thirty pm here in the russian capital and you with the mind and our top stories frustration with governments reaches boiling point across the middle east and north africa as protesters push for change at the same time gyptian starting to question the outcome of their own rest from the u.s. military is fighting tooth and nail to hold on to its multi-billion dollar budget claiming the cuts would cost lives but some say americans are already in the deep end with many on the edge of. economic woes and the political turmoil because of. his third anniversary since declaring independence from serbia meanwhile there are fears radical islam is gaining ground in the republic. and up next the un high
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commissioner for human rights on her first official visit to russia how civil society can be best advanced in the country spotlight is coming your way in just a moment. hello again a welcome to sparkle i.v. into the shell party i'm algernon's and today my guest in the studio is navi pillay. it's her first visit here and the u.n. high commissioner for human rights is in russia to check out the situation navi has so far left the airing of top officials including the president so how does she find the state of affairs here's the u.n. high commissioner for human rights navi pillay.


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